Sonata No. 2 for oboe and harp Sonata No. 2 for oboe and harp La Scala the day of our rehearsal before the session. 201260846 Luisa Prandina getting ready at La Scala 201260847 Fabien Thouand going over some things at La Scala 201260848 After our rehearsal at La Scala 201260849 Recording Day Luisa Prandina draggin her harp through central Milan 201260850 Luisa Prandina at Auditoria Records 201260851 Antonio Chindamo and Fabien Thouand at auditoria getting ready. 201260852 More microphones to set up at Auditoria Records 201260854 Getting the harp microphones all checked 201260855 Fabien getting ready to record. A great session stay tuned for release. 201260856