Year 2020-2021:

2020 was a very difficult year for musicians around the world. As a composer and teacher, it was indeed challenging since any commission opportunities faded away and students were shocked by having to take lessons online. 
I went through a particularly difficult time with the passing of my Father in June. Sadly a few months later, his brother, my uncle also passed away. Staying home almost all the time was very difficult because  I was all alone and tended to live a “not so healthy” lifestyle. 
This caught up with me around Christmas and just when I thought things could not get any worse, I welcomed 2021 with a quadruple cervical hernia.  I had been essentially back pain free for most of my life, despite long hours at the piano and even more hours orchestrating compositions at my desk. However, again likely due to a very unhealthy lifestyle, I really paid the price. 
After pharmaceutical therapy, I managed to become stable. I am slowly trying to get fit again. I was made aware of my lack of updates on this site by a very kind musician who became worried and reached out. I am grateful to many people who have helped me through this period.  Having been fully vaccinated, I hope the pandemic will soon subside and life can return to normal again.

Year 2018:

The completion of the last edits to my Elegy, which was premiered  in Berlin in December 2017 occupies the first month of 2018.

A period of contemplation begins in February and March of the year , blissfully interrupted by the news that my Sonata No. 1 for violin and piano had won the second prize at the World Music Awards. The prize was awarded for the brilliant performance by David Yonan, the violinist who first premiered the work over 20 years ago and the superb pianist Ulugbek Palvanov. Both of these world class musicians are based in Berlin. 

Spring 2018 was marked by a trip back to my native Toronto as it had been four years since my last visit and some time with my family was long overdue. I was very pleased to visit with aunts, uncles and cousins that I had not seen for some time. Little was I to know, it would have been my last visit with my uncle Edoardo who sadly and unexpected passed in September. 

 The news that copies of my Sonata No. 2 for Oboe and Harp were shipped to New York City as well as Germany were encouraging signs that the very challenging work (available on my cd Wind Music) is being prepared for upcoming  performances.

The remainder of the year was spent on further reflection and some sporadic plans for future works and projects. Some research projects are also being considered and hopefully furthered during my yearly trip to the UK capital London.

December 2017: 
Delighted to announce that virtuosi David Yonan,violin and pianist Caroline Doerge will give he world premiere of my Elegy No. 2 Op. 15 No. 2 in Berlin Germany. Details at

November 2017: 
A wonderful new commission arrived from Germany where during The Uckermar International Music Festival, I will be Composer in Residence and supervise performances of my works as well as present a new work. Also on November 5th in The Netherlands flautist Annemarie Kosse and my publisher Mireille Suyck have another masterclass on my student works for piano, flute, trumpet and others . I am truly looking forward to working with teachers and students on these suggestive little miniature pieces. 

October 2017:
A wonderful performance of my Sonata No. 4 took place in Madrid on October 11th by the fabulous Duo De Luca Silvestri (Giovanni De Luca Soprano Sax & Francesco Silvestri piano). The concert was held at the Conservatorio Profesional De Musica De Getafe to resounding applause. They are planning a recording to be announced soon. 

September 2017:
Another two performances in Berlin of my Sonata No. 1, Op.5 No.2 by virtuoso violinist David Yonan (to whom the work is dedicated) and marvellous pianist Ulugbek Palvanov. The first in September 10th at the Kulturbuhne Goldener Lowe in Wanditz and on September 29 in Potsdam.

August 2017:

The wonderfully musical Duo: David Yonan, violin & Ulugbek Palvanov, piano opened the first international Uckermark Music & Arts Festival in Lychen Germany with a performance of my Sonata No. 1, Op. 5 No. 2 on August 12th at 16:00. Honoured to be on a program with Ravel, Massnet, and Wieniawski. I hope to collaborate with these two incredible musicians in next year's season as well.  Happy Vacation period to everyone and time for some much needed rest.

July 2017: 

The month of July saw the Berlin Premiere of my Sonata No. 1, Op.5 No. 2 by two world class musicians, David Yonan, violin & Ulugbek Palvanov, piano. The concert took place at the prestigious Piano Salon Christophori on July 30th at 20:00 to a full house. I was not able to attend, but the organizers reported an overwhelming response by  both public and press.  Earlier on in July I was invited to present my student works at the Alpen Classica Music Festival in the beautiful Alpine city of Bressanone, near the Austrian border. I explained the origins of my works and played several with the Belgrade Phiharmonic 's Principal Cello, Nemanja Stankovic and Internationally acclaimed Saxophonist Damiano Grandesso and Pianist Luca Lavuri. I also participated at the masterclass of renowned  flautist Carolin Rasler and along with her students we played several works in a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere.  Thanks to Massimiliano Girardi and Lorenzo Largaiolli for the brilliant organization and hospitality. The bulk of July was dedicated to the preparation of the piano-vocal score of my opera THE MAN WITH A FLOWER IN HIS MOUTH. The parts for the full score were also beautifully engraved by my copyist Andreas Van Haren and the scores got their hard copy covers on a fabulous design by Mireille Suyck.

June 2017:

Further preparations and editing of my Pirandello based opera  THE MAN WITH A FLOWER IN HIS MOUTH took place and the full score was completed. Subsequently a demo was made of the full opera  at my record producer's studio with a midi realization orchestra and yours truly singing the tenor role. To listen to the full opera please email 

May 2017: 

The month of May saw the beginning of the editing of my Opera THE MAN WITH A FLOWER IN HIS MOUTH, Op. 7 for solo Tenor & orchestra in preparation for its fall 2017 publication. Scheduling for further ALLMUSICALKIND student works with three of Teatro Alla Scala principals also took place and a reading session at Spazio Fazioli took place. Principal harpist Luisa Prandina, principal oboist Fabien Thouand and principal flutist Andrea Manco read some 25 works for ALLMUSICALKIND's Youtube channel.

I even accompanied a few woks on the piano just for fun!

April 2017:  

The physical CDs of WIND MUSIC are now in stock! To order your copy please visit ALLMUSICALKIND

The Digital Distribution starts on April 8th (ITunes, Amazon MP3 and 250 other digital stores worldwide) and I am looking forward to hearing back from listeners. On the concert news front: APRIL 21st at 17:00 Flautist Rogier De Pijper & Pianist Paolo Gorini perform my Sonata No. 4 at the ADAMS FLUTE FESTIVAL in Ittervoort, Holland. My publisher and I will be present and we are truly looking forward to this international event.

March 2017:

The month of March saw the new editions of several of my solo works, duos, quartets, quintets and sextets released by my exclusive publisher


Holland. CEO Mireille Suyck & her staff did a splendid job preparing all of the new covers, graphics as well as completing the CD Booklet for WIND MUSIC. I am truly fortunate and grateful to have such an enthusiastic publisher promoting my works.

February 2017:

The month of February was dedicated to putting the finishing touches on my CD WIND MUSIC. Five new works brilliantly recorded by stellar musicians that include: Fabien Thouand, Principal Oboist, Teatro Alla Scala & Luisa Prandina, Principal Harpist, Teatro Alla Scala who record my Sonata No. 2, Marco Gerboni, Saxophone Soloist who recorded my A Composition's Soliloquy (with me as narrator), Felix Del Tredici, Trombone Soloist who excelled at Cody (doing both the music & the narration), Lars Mlekusch Solo Soprano Sax & Milano Saxophone Quartet who did my massive An Artist's Soliloquy and Rogier De Pijper, Flute Soloist and Pianist Hetty Sponselee who recorded my Sonata No. 4. Release is scheduled for April 2017 stay tuned for details.

January 2017:

The month of January was dedicated to the compositional sketching of the sixth ALLMUSICALKIND theme book called SEASONS. This book is for advanced players and contains four new works. There will be new chamber music possibilities for this volume as well. Stay tuned for more details. Also the La Scala Principals Play ALLMUSICALKIND Youtube series continues, so if you haven't subscribed yet please do so to follow the Friday weekly release of three new videos.


December 2016:

On December 20th, My Dutch Publisher came to Milan to film some 40 short Youtube Videos with two of the best musicians I have the pleasure of knowing: Mario Marzi (Principal Saxophonist La Scala) and Sandro Laffranchini (Principal Cellist La Scala). We were allowed through the kindness and generosity of Ing. Paolo Fazioli to film at his wonderful SPAZIO FAZIOLI in the center of Milan. The videos, designed to show my books in their duo and trio forms, are being released every Friday from now until the middle of March 2017. Please subscribe to the ALLMUSICALKIND Youtube Channel to follow.  The editing and final touches to the HOLIDAYS Books were completed and the Advanced Theme Book is now available for piano, violin, cello, flute, oboe, clarinet and soprano saxophone.

November 2016:

The month of November was entirely dedicated to the composition of my fifth theme book called HOLIDAYS. After the successful launch of the fourth book SPORTS, which can be performed as a Trio (with Cello), I took it upon myself to compose three advanced works that may be performed as solo works, duos, trios AND now also as a piano quartet. This, I admit was quite a challenge as everyone plays just about all the time so varying texture was not easy.

October 2016:
After the successful launch of my fourth SPORTS, my Dutch publisher has worked tirelessly with some excellent musicians to organize two exciting masterclasses and concerts in The Netherlands: the first organized by Karen Volmer is taking place on October 29th in Apeldoorn, and the second organized by Rogier De Pijper and Liesbeth van Veldhoven is scheduled for October 30th in Waalwijk. I hope to meet many of you and do thank you for all the positive comments and emails I have received about the books thus far. Please share the website with your friends as MUSIC can indeed be FUN to play! I have also begun the fifth book or the first of the two advanced books in the series and hope to complete it by early December; it is appropriately called HOLIDAYS.

September 2016: 

The SPORTS books were completed and are now available at i am really pleased with the result because despite their simplicity, in the duo and trio versions, they really render a full and harmonious sound. I invite all musicians to give them a try. I also completed the revising of my Orchestral Suite from the ballet THE FLOWER. A midi rendition will soon be posted on my Youtube channel, so stay tuned.

August 2016: 
I completed the fourth volume SPORTS with 12 new fun works for athletically minded musicians. As with the other three books, SPORTS can be performed as solo works for the 11 instruments available or as a Duo by combining any of the monophonic instruments with piano, or harp or guitar. However, this volume, which is the easiest, may also be performed as a cello TRIO: hence cello + piano, or harp or guitar + any one of the remaining instruments. This book is scheduled to be launched in early September.

July 2016: 

I began composing the fourth book, this time opting for a theme that is dear to me, namely SPORTS. For those wanting to musically play Hockey, Football, Tennis or Sailing, well now is your chance. There are 12 SPORTS in all!

June 2016: 
Mixing and editing took place at my record producers Giordano Colombo and Antonio Chindamo's Auditoria Records in preparation for my upcoming CD WIND MUSIC. The Disc will contain 5 new works: An Oboe and Harp Sonata, A Solo Saxophone and Narrator Work, A Flute Sonata, A Solo Trombone and Narrator Work and a piece for Solo Soprano Sax and Sax Quartet. The seventy minutes of music were recorded by some of the world's best players and I am really getting excited for the upcoming release.

May 2016: 

On May 30th, 2016 Flautist Felix Niel and Pianist Carla Fernandez Boix give the French premiere of  my Sonata No. 4 Op. 14 No.1 in Gex, France to a warm and receptive audience. This work has been performed in Holland, England, Italy and now France in a little over four months since its premiere. 

On May 20th, I completed the third series of books for intermediate players called FOOD! It is a delicious collection of twelve new works for a whole range of instruments published by Allmusicalkind.

April 2016: 

On April 15th, at 15:00-17:00 The CIVICA SCUOLA DI MUSICA CLAUDIO ABBADO in Milan, is hosting the Italian premier of my flute sonata with the Dutch Duo Rogier de Pijper, flute and Hetty Sponselee, piano. The next day April 16th they are traveling to lovely Lake Como to record the work for my record producers Antonio Chindamo and Giordano Colombo of Auditoria Classic to conclude my next Cd. Release details to follow.

March 2016

Both the ANIMALS and A NEW WORLD theme books were launched and are now available at The books are selling fast and I have already received flattering comments by teachers and students for having composed "REAL" pieces for KIDS who are keen to learn and want to have FUN. 

February 2016

On February 27th, the Dutch World Premier of my flute sonata took place in Oudenbosch, Holland with Rogier de Pijper, flute and Hetty Sponselee, piano to a resounding success. I was thrilled to have received a prolonged standing ovation, TV interviews and very favorable reviews in the Dutch press. Please see the photos section for review (in Dutch). Also in February, I signed commissions agreement with Dutch publisher for six theme books for 60 new short works for beginner, intermediate and advanced students of piano, harp, guitar, flute, oboe, clarinet, soprano and alto saxophone, trumpet, violin and cello. The first two were completed February 24th. They are now available on their webshop. Please see the links section above. 

January 2016 :  

My Flute Sonata UK Premiere takes place Sunday 24th January 7pm. at Cross Street Chapel, Manchester .

Felix Niel,Flute and Carla Fernandez Boix, piano . The performance was very well done and both players and public were truly very appreciative. Future projects are in store with this wonderful Duo whose following goes from the UK, to the Netherlands to Spain and now Norway.

December 2015 : 

Principal La Scala players Fabien Thouand , oboe and Luisa Prandina, harp record the Sonata No.2 Op.13 No.1

at Auditoria Records on December 4th .

 It is now official , The world premier of my Sonata No.4 Op.14 No.1  will take place in Holland on February 27th , 2016

 by world class Dutch duo Rogier de Pijper and Hetty Sponselee ! Tickets are now on sale at a discount but they are going fast !

Thanks to Yvonne van Egmond for the wonderful organization of this concert ! SF

September- October 2015: 

On September 5th the Spanish premier of my Sonata No. 4a for soprano sax and piano, with Francisco Martinez sax, and Francisco Escoda Piano took place in Guadalajara. It was subsequently performed on October 1st in the prestigious Sala Manuel De Falla de la Sgae. My latest work is the Sextet No. 1 "EL CORAZON"  which was world premiered on October 3rd in Madrid at the Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando by the FUNDACION SAX ENSEMBLE de Madrid, Mariano Domingo conductor. Its second performance took place in Brihuega, Spain on October 4th at the Iglesia de San Miguel on the 4th of October. 

July- August 2015:

My A Composition's Soliloquy was performed by Marco Gerboni In Pontebba Italy on July 25th to resounding applause. The work is being recorded by Gerboni for my upcoming CD.   Also this month,  the Duo Giovanni DeLuca- Francesco Silvestri, performed my Sonata No. 4a for Soprano Sax and Piano in Strasbourg, France to an enthusiastic crowd  at the WORLD SAX CONGRESS on July 12th. In April 2015, my solo trombone work Cody Op. 6 No. 3 was performed twice in Milan at the Scuola Civica Claudio Abbado and The Conservatorio G. Verdi di Milano by trombonist Felix Del Tredici.  It was then recorded at Auditoria Records and will be on my upcoming CD. During the  Milan events my dear teacher David Del Tredici performed some early piano works and discussed his illustrious career with orchestral examples.

 March 2015  :

Completed my Sonata No. 5 Op. 15 No. 1 for trumpet and piano. Pubblication and premier to be announced.

 February 2015 :

 Four of my scores (Sonata No. 1 violin and piano, Sonata No. 4 for flute and piano  and Sonata No. 4a- its soprano sax and piano version, as well as my Sax Quartet Nature's Soliloquy are now available online at

 January 2015 :

The World Premier of my Elegy No. 1 took place on January 27th in Brindisi Italy. This work was commissioned by Sax Professor Danilo Russo  and is for Alto Sax soloist and Sax Quartet. The premiere took place during the Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony in the presence of the highest municipal authorities and the city's Rabbi.

My second CD "WIND MUSIC" is now being recorded, the latest work by Sax Great Marco Gerboni who recorded my A Composition's Soliloquy, Op. 13 No.2 at Auditoria Records. We are scheduling the recording of my Oboe and Harp Sonata Op. 13 No. 1 and a recently finished Flute and Piano Sonata No. 4 Op. 14 No. 1 with some world class players. More details to follow.  

FINALMENTE is available for download on, itunes, amazon mp3 and a host of other online record stores. It contains my Sonata No. 1 for violin and piano, my String Quartet No.1 and A Prelude on an Pianist's Name.  My Sonata No. 2, Op. 13, No.1 for oboe and harp is being rehearsed, an exciting new commission expressly written for Fabien Thouand and Luisa Prandina, respectively the principal oboe and principal harp at Teatro Alla Scala, Milan. World Premier to be announced. 

Grazie, Sandro